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Welcome to We Recruit – Your Trusted Partner in Latino Workforce Solutions

With an HR legacy spanning two decades, We Recruit stands as a beacon of excellence in the recruitment and staffing industry. As a proudly Latino-owned and managed agency, we understand the power of cultural nuances in building dynamic and successful teams.

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We are a young-soul, profesional and agile team. We love what we do and it´s our passion. Our mindset is holistic, working not only for the companies but for our candidates too.

Candidates are our main treasure and we create long life relationships with them. When a company needs our services, we are ready to present the profiles that best fit for them. With more than 20 years working on HR and consulting, our driver in We Recruit Int. is to connect the best candidates with the best opportunities. We deliver meaningful and cared experiences.

Meeting with the client

Settings expectations

Recruitment process

Hunting and Posting. Long of short lists.

Presentation of candidates

Evaluation report and Thomas Assessment

Definition of the candidate

Move forward with offer.

Background check and medical exams

(if needed)


We support you trough the entire process

Our Values

Our expertise

A Two-Decade Journey in Nurturing Talent

For over 20 years, we have been the bridge that connects exceptional candidates with forward-thinking companies. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, a commitment to diversity, and a passion for crafting workforce solutions that stand the test of time.

Cultural Connection: More Than Just a Business, It's Personal

What sets us apart is more than our professional prowess—it's our cultural DNA. As a team with deep roots in the Latino community, we grasp the intricacies that make each candidate and company unique. We speak the language, not just linguistically, but culturally.

Your Success, Our Mission: Partnering with Latino Companies in the US

We specialize in weaving the threads of talent, culture, and success. To our fellow Latino companies in the US, we extend a hand in partnership. Your triumph is not just a goal; it's our mission. Our commitment is not just professional; it's personal.

Embracing Diversity Beyond Borders

For non-Latino companies seeking to enrich their workforce with diverse perspectives, We Recruit is your strategic ally. We proudly offer a pool of exceptional Latino candidates, injecting diversity into your organization and contributing to your diversity indicators.

Your guide to recruit

Download your guide to recruit and select the best talent for your team!


    With this quick guide you will be able to:
  • Rethink the recruiting and selection process
  • Learn the HR and recruiting side of it
  • Empower yourself with new capabilities
  • A step by step to follow for a successful process
  • A guide of questions that could help you learn more about your candidates
  • and much more...

Why Choose We Recruit?

Cultural Insight:

We understand the pulse of Latino businesses, enabling us to find candidates who resonate with your ethos.


Proven Track Record:

Two decades of success stories and satisfied clients attest to our unwavering dedication.

Tailored Solutions:

We don't just fill positions; we curate teams that breathe life into your organizational culture.

Community Connection:

Beyond recruitment, we actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Latino community.

Happy Customers

At WeRecruit, we don't just offer recruitment services; we offer a partnership that transcends the transactional. Join us in shaping a future where talent meets culture, and success is a shared journey.

Embark on this transformative experience with We Recruit. Because when culture meets capability, and diversity becomes a shared value, extraordinary things happen.

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